Xerxes-Class Escort Pt. 05

Sorry for the update delay. Star Trek Online released their latest update on the 1st, (the version of the game that’s going F2P in a little less than a month in a half) so I’ve been playing. Even though I tested this game model on the test server, I had to get my character on the main server switched over to the new currency and skills systems. (pain in the ass) I also started some new characters.

Anywho, onto the update. I messed around with the impulse engines while I was watching a very disappointing NFL game today. The blue bits on the nacelle end caps have also been changed to chrome, the blue glowy crap wasn’t working for me.


6 thoughts on “Xerxes-Class Escort Pt. 05

    • Thanks. I like the look of the chrome better also. Plus, it was less work and it renders a hell of a lot faster.

      Do you have a monthly bandwidth cap or something? I have unlimited, which is good, since all I do anymore is play games. πŸ˜‰ If you’re going to try STO, wait until January 17, when it goes free to play. That way, you won’t have to worry about paying for it but not liking it.

    • Thanks Dean.

      I don’t know how it is over in Europe on the PS3 servers, but all of the DCUO servers were worse right after it went free to play. They had over 120k people sign up in the first couple of days, which was a much higher number than they expected, so it was a mess. (one day, I was nearly 6,000 in line, so I quit and did something else) Though, they’ve been working on it and it’s getting better. I hardly ever have to wait anymore, but I’m on the North America PC Server, I don’t know how that rates compared to the server you’re playing on.

    • Thanks Thomas. πŸ™‚

      Yeah, Craig contacted me last year and asked me if he could use my model (one that I built in 2007.) I agreed and he used it. I’m happy to see that at least one of my models made it onto the cover. πŸ™‚

      I haven’t watched his video yet, but I have it penciled in for later.

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