Xerxes-Class Escort Pt. 03

More updates. My original goal today was to watch NFL football (the Browns at the Bengals) and model. Unfortunately, the game wasn’t sold out and the stupid NFL has an idiotic rule that, if a game isn’t sold out, it can’t be broadcast out of the immediate area of the city in which it takes place. And I live just outside of being able to receive broadcasts from Cincinnati, so I was screwed. However, I did find the radio broadcast streaming on the Bengals’ website, so I listened to the game while I was modeling.

Anywho, I actually made the bridge the other day, but it wasn’t a big enough update for me to post. Today, I cut more grid lines into the upper deck area, as well as the window cuts and I also added some “space” behind the windows for some low poly rooms. Since trueSpace is a solid object modeler, I had to actually booleans cut out the spaces for the rooms. Also, I built the bussard collectors. The materials on said bussards are still very much works in progress, but you get the idea.


6 thoughts on “Xerxes-Class Escort Pt. 03

  1. Really nice job. I’ve always liked this ship. I think I have had every release of tS and never, ever, use it. 😀

    You really know who to make it alluring with stuff like this.

    • Thanks Thomas. 🙂

      Your work in Max and Wings is fantasitc, so who needs trueSpace? 😉

      I’ve had trueSpace 2, 3, 4 and 7. I don’t have 2 anymore, I couldn’t use it anyway because it was on floppies and I don’t have a floppy drive anymore. (I could get one, but why?) I have the freeware versions of 3.2 and 7.6 and a copy of 4.2 that someone gave me. I mostly use 4.2 for modeling and 7.6 for rendering, though some renders require me to use 4.2 because it, sadly, has higher texture size limits. I don’t like modeling in 7.6, though I have been using the fillet tool on this build for a lot of those rounded edges. 4.2 doesn’t have that tool and it comes in handy. Just select an edge and hit fillet and it rounds it, as opposed to doing a series of bevels.

      trueSpace modeling is a trip. For example, I was working on the ship earlier, just drawing some vertices to clean up a booleans cut (simple stuff.) The program kept crashing for no apparent reason. So, finally, I wound up saving it every few seconds so that I could complete what I was doing without losing the work. The program crashes and texture size limits are the two things I dislike most about it. Plus, it doesn’t do as well as other software at organic/flowing shapes (or maybe that’s just me.)

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