Xerxes-Class Escort Pt. 01

Nearly six years ago, I built a ship that was a version of the Defiant from DS9 in TOS style. It was the first thing that I built on a forum, where others could view and comment on my progress. This is the original drawing that inspired the model:

I found that drawing in the Starship Schematics Database and was inspired by it. The original artist is Rutger Warrink. I changed a few things on my model, plus I really didn’t know what I was doing, so this was the result:

Amazingly, I made that mesh entirely by box modeling with spheres, cubes and cylinders. I’m amazed it turned out as well as it did. At some point, I did a new, more advanced model, but I don’t really have any good pics of it. Both models are lost now, due to corrupt backup discs. So, I was going through some stuff the other day and I decided I should build a new version of it.

I started working on this yesterday. I’d like to have been a bit farther than I am by now, but there were a few issues with the program not doing things the way I wanted, so I had to restart a few things. Also, there was some required error cleanup on a few things that slowed thing down. But, it’s progressing. As with the first model, I’m using the Rutger Warrink drawing as a basis, though I won’t be referring to it as much. I basically used it for size and placement of things, I’ll be doing things my own way from here on.

This is going relatively quickly, though I will have to take breaks to work on other projects, unfortunately. However, even with said breaks, I don’t expect this build to take very long.


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