From the Depths of the Backup Drives 05

Oh yeah, it’s time for more old and horrible artwork (though, I’m using the term “artwork” loosely. ;)) A friend of mine is closing down his forum, so he let me know in case I wanted to get any of my stuff off of there. So, I took a look and I found some gems on there. This crap is truly dreadful, so I of course had to post it here. 😉 Most of this stuff should be from at least 2007, though a couple might be from 2006.

This is an absolute gem. It was my attempt to do a battle scene. The explosion got some constructive criticism, but it's all 100% made by me, so of course it sucks. 😉 This one might actually be so old that it was rendered in trueSpace 3.2, I know the ships were definitely built in 3.2

This one doesn't have a year on it, but it's my 2007 Connie model, so it has to be at least from 2007.

This is one of my early attempts to do planet textures with LunarCell. The texture limits of trueSpace have been well documented by me, but I think these maps were even smaller than the program could handle. They're extremely blurry. And, of course, more crappy special effects. 😀

One of my various attempts to do Delta Vega, the planet from Where No Man Has Gone Before. This is another early LunarCell effort, though I think this was done completely Gimp, rather than using texture maps.

This is an attempt at an emulation shot from the remastered version of I, Mudd. More horrible planet goodness, with some equally horrible rings. Those also got criticism because they're just glowy bits with no definition, but that's how they are in the episode.

10 thoughts on “From the Depths of the Backup Drives 05

  1. Thanks guys. I’d honestly forgotten all about this shit until I was looking at the old forum earlier. One of these days, I really need to build a new Romulan ship (my old one was lost due to a corrupt backup disc) and try the battle scene again.

    • I lost it in more ways than one. 😉

      As for the file, I used to keep my tS stuff and other stuff backed up on CDs until I had several become corrupt. (unreadable) That file was on one of them, as was a bunch of stuff. That’s when I stopped backing up on CDs, though it was too late for those files.

      As to rebuilding it, I’ve been thinking about it recently (since I found that image on Prime_8’s old forum.) Though, if I do it, it will be different. I have a few ideas for some improvements, especially since I know a hell of a lot more than I did in 2006/7, when I made that model.

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