Constellation Class V3.0 Pt. 4

Today’s update mostly involves error correcting. Tobias Richter pointed out a few issues, including some overzealous curvature on the nacelle front and cross pylon front, so I straightened those. Also, the sides of the nacelles could have been straighter (something I noticed on my own) so I straightened those some, since I was already using the deform tool anyway. The tall thingy on the back of the pylon was also a bit too tall and thin, so I resized it a bit. The rest of the changes seen below are results of the reshaping, especially the pylon reshaping.

Also, I reshaped the thingy on the side where the Starfleet emblem and stripes are attached. The back was too pointy, I rounded it a bit. I just didn’t feel like rendering a side view just to show that. Anywho, here are some new perspective renders of the (hopefully) finished nacelles and cross pylon:


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