Constellation Class V3.0 Pt. 3

It’s not exactly the largest update, but I did the signage on the nacelles. I decided to do that before moving on, so that I can officially say that the nacelles and connecting pylon are finished and ready for textures.

The only thing I did differently from the studio model is I added the “Starship U.S.S. Pompeii” to the text inside the stripes. The studio model just had “United Federation of Planets” in the stripes, most likely due to the available time for building the model. Naturally, I had to make the stripes a bit longer, but that’s OK. Also, the Starfleet emblem didn’t have the black outline on the studio model, I added it to mine.

And here are some wireframes, for people who like those. (obviously, polygon count is not a major concern of mine)


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