Constellation Class V3.0 Pt. 2

I got the cross pylons all detailed. I have pretty good references for this area, so I think I got pretty close. Close enough for government work, as they say (I should know, I used to work for the US Government, they don’t exactly demand perfection. ;)) Most of the stuff in the rear was very close on my last model, but I had the height of some things a little wrong. I have a side-perspective view now that shows the heights better, so I fixed them as best I could. The front stuff is still partly guesswork, but I got closer, thanks to the afore mentioned side perspective view and a screen cap from Peak Performance.

Front top:

Front bottom:

Rear top:


I’m pretty much where I wanted to be on this for today, though I might do some more work after Primetime TV. (or I may end up playing Star Trek Online, it’s hard to say at this point ;))


4 thoughts on “Constellation Class V3.0 Pt. 2

    • Thanks bro. πŸ˜€

      As long as I’m paying a subscription fee for STO, I’m going to play it at least a few times a week to get my money’s worth. πŸ˜‰ (that will change once it goes free to play) Though, I actually wound up doing neither last night. I watched some Transformers cartoons on DVD and then went to sleep.

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