Endeavour’s Captain

OK, first and foremost: I don’t draw, especially people. So, if this looks like rat shit, feel free to let me know, I can handle it. 😉

I was in the mood to do something artistic earlier but not 3D, so I opened up Inkscape and started drawing Commander/Captain Rhiarra Keller, Endeavour‘s executive officer and then later its captain (she assumes command in the first “episode.”) I really need to learn to do people in 3D but, in the meantime, my 2D drawing skills will have to suffice. I know she looks a little Fimation (that could be either good or bad) but that’s about as good as my people drawing skill get. 😉

BTW, the “model” for this is an actress, she’s fairly popular, if anybody figures out who it is, you’ll make my day.

Also, here’s a little logo that I made in Inkscape and Gimp the other day for my fan fiction:


12 thoughts on “Endeavour’s Captain

    • Thanks a lot, Eric. The logo was the easy one, it’s just some text and the Star Trek emblem that I drew last year. Since you’re one of the few people I know who will understand this, drawing in Inkscape is a lot like making splines in trueSpace, only easier. You just manipulate points and handles to make it the shape you want. 🙂

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