The Whole Damn Fleet: The Prequel

OK, I think it’s official. I’ve gone nuckin’ futs. πŸ˜‰

As with the last one, no ship names or registries are duplicated. Though, unlike the last one, there are few repeaters. There are two Constitution-class ships that are the series version, the other two are the pilot versions, the rest of the ships are all different from one another. 16 ships in all in this one. Each ship (besides the series Connie) is a kitbash of my 2007 Connie model. Most use pretty much the same textures, just the saucer and nacelle texutres are different because those contain the names and registries.

Ironically, even though there are more ships, I spent less time rendering these because they have less lights. Also, most of my TMP-era ships have higher quality textures, though these actually rendered pretty decently.


10 thoughts on “The Whole Damn Fleet: The Prequel

  1. This and the last fleet image are amazing! I also love that you do this all on linux too (though my flava is Ubuntu). Keep up the great work, can not wait to see what comes when you really goes nuts

    • Um, actually, I do the renders in Windows. Unfortunately, the program that I use absolutely won’t run in Linux, not even with Wine. I’ve tried various things but no luck. Though, if I ever switch to Blender, I’ll run it in Linux. I am currently running PCLinuxOS, though. πŸ™‚

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