SS Talwar

Filling out another request here. like the last one, it was a simple change to the mesh and a scene setup that I had already. (easy stuff. :))


12 thoughts on “SS Talwar

    • Thanks, Rob. I’m a huge fan of it as well. I keep thinking I’m going to do the NX herself but I haven’t figured out how I’m going to do those catamarans.

      I’m re-watching the first season of DS9 right now. I’m thinking of modeling something from that show. 8)

  1. Very Nice Chris.

    As I have done the Cat’s for the Akria, I would say that the NX are not as bad, and should be a lot simpiler to do.

    So I hope to see your twist on the NX soon.

    • I’m not doing the NX. Not right now anyway. And the catamarans on it aren’t any easier than the ones on the Akira. In fact, they’re pretty much the same but they go down instead of up in the rear.

      But I’m on more of a TNG/DS9 kick right now. I’m thinking of doing the Oberth-class (it was featured more on those shows than in the movies.) After that, I might just have to do DS9 itself. I’ve been thinking about it.

  2. DS9 Cardassian designs are definitely cool, Not a fan of the Jem’Hadar/Dominion ships though ……………….. though the Breen Organic ships were neat.

    I think ENT by far outstrips the other series in terms of model design and concepts. Particularly since it came at a time when CGI had matured. I for one loved the Suliban cell ship station [That massive monstrosity in Episode 1 Season 1] which was almost like a demonstration of how much more Awesome ENT was going to be.

    Sadly, ENT never picked up the pace until S4 which was why it got canceled. The more i see ENT, the more i am convinced how much more superior S4 was to most of VOY and yes, i am gonna say it ………. even TNG.

  3. Hey Chris my names Ben and I’m running a enterprise era SIMM over at independence fleet called the nova she’s an intrepid class ship and I was wondering if you could work your amazing magic and create me something like the above with its registry changed to NV-26 Nova here’s my email if you want to discuss 🙂

    All the best Ben 🙂

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