It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…

…the USS Gettysburg?

This is a favor for someone over at Scifi-Meshes. He wanted an image of the Constellation-class with the name Gettysburg for his Star Trek Sim, so I said “sure.” It’s a simple thing, I just had to make a new set of registries. Also, he pointed to a few images he liked, so I loaded the scene for one, loaded the mesh and let her rip. 8)


13 thoughts on “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…

    • I decide on a case-by-case basis. In this case, I asked the person what they wanted in terms of the model, name & registry, the setup (he specifically said he wanted a pic I’d already done, which made my life easier) and the intended use and he told me. I realized not much work was involved on my part (not counting work I’d already done) and I did it.

      Now, if I start getting requests right and left, I’ll start saying “no.” However, I don’t mind filling the occasional request, as long as it doesn’t require building a new mesh or something equally complex.

  1. Nothing too complex, the Half Saucer with a registry of NV-21 Talwar. I dont need a background as i have a basic idea of photoshopping but any number of front facing poses is welcome 😀 I actually smudged your NV-27 Saratoga picture for the current main picture on the site. [Thank god it was not 9 or 3 or something coz that would have been hard ;)]

    I tried using the Blender program you had linked to earlier but it seems learning 3D animation and photoshop is two different ball games all together XD

  2. Hi Chris,
    I appreciate your reply. However with all due respect regarding copyright infringement, you are misinformed. Artistic expression OF copyrighted material IS definitely allowed (as well as satire ie Mad Magazine). Here is just one such example of Star Trek art expression:

    Furthermore, even if Paramount wanted to sue (which would be baseless), it is the publisher, NOT the artist who is 100% liable (as I would be willing to declare). I hope this might make a difference (perhaps you could speak with a copyright lawyer to confirm this). I just think your work is very beautiful, and I would love to share it with a wider audience! Also please note that many other very established artists have voiced no problem with showing their Trek art in my book…

    Respectfully, John

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