Brisbane-class V2.0 pt 16

Taranis (over at 3D Gladiators) requested some wireframes, so here they are. At first, I tried rendering one using “hidden line” rendering mode. Then I remembered that those never come out the way that I want them to, so I switched to screencaps. I’m sure it’s obvious to anyone who does 3D modeling, but polygon count isn’t a major concern for me. I’m already over 200k and I haven’t even started much detailing on this thing.


2 thoughts on “Brisbane-class V2.0 pt 16

  1. Screen caps should work for any 3D’er – no need for special renders. IMHO.

    Lots of detail there – I’ve seen busier / denser! tS continues to amaze me – I just don’t want to learn a new tool 🙂

    • You do great work in Wings and Max, no need to rock the boat. 😉 Besides, I like tS for modeling but I’m only so-so on its material and rendering capabilities. I’d certainly give the edge to Max in that area.

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