Brisbane-class V2.0 pt 15

I decided to start detailing this beast with the nacelles. I didn’t get as much done earlier as I’d have liked but I may do some more later (or I may play games, I never know until it happens. ;)) I started by attempting to model the glowing blue crap. I don’t know why I tried that, but I did. After that didn’t work, I did what I normally do for that part and achieved the look I wanted with textures. I also started on some details on the top. Also, the Sherlock Holmeses in the audience will notice that the saucer name and registry are missing and that the registry on the nacelles is different than what was there before. That’s because I’ve decided to not have this ship be the class ship, I rarely model the class ship. Instead, this will be a later ship in the class.


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