Brisbane-class V2.0 pt 14

I didn’t have time to do a lot today but I did manage to get a start on the textures. I made color and specular maps for the upper saucer (I’ll add weathering later.) The spec map doesn’t do much in this lighting but you get the idea.

I used the color picker in Gimp to attempt to get the correct colors for the Ambassador-class from a photo. However, that’s easier said than done due to lighting, but this should be close.


2 thoughts on “Brisbane-class V2.0 pt 14

    • Thanks bro. Believe it or not, I draw my Aztec in Windows Paint, or at least I did. Now that they’ve changed Paint like they’ve changed everything else, (except Notepad, it’s the same as it always has been) I might switch to any of a number of other simple drawing programs.

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