Brisbane-class V2.0 pt 12

Man, it seems like it’s been since last year that I worked on this thing. Oh wait, it has been since last year. 😛

Seriously, some people might remember this thing. I was working on it last year, then I had to take a break in September to work on a project that took until the end of they year and then I never picked it back up until today. For anybody who suffers from the same condition that I do (CRS, aka Can’t Remember Shit) here’s a refresher on what was going on prior to the 10 month break: (opens in a new window or tab)

Anywho, I opened up the scene in trueSpace yesterday and did some renders of what I had so far. Then I closed the program. I wasn’t happy with it, so I considered leaving it and starting something new. Then I remembered all of the time that I spent on the pain in the ass engineering hull and I realized I can’t leave this unfinished. That part alone made me want to finish it. So, today, I opened it back up and realized what I don’t like about it; the windows. When I started the project, it was in the 2270-2294 era of the original model but then I switched tracks and decided to go for the “Lost Era” between 2294 and 2364, during which time we have only a rough idea of what happened. However, the horizontal windows were really from the wrong era, so I knew I had to redo those. Fortunately, I’m an anal retentive person when it comes to backing up stuff, so I have parts in various stages of construction. It was easy to go back to before I added the windows on the saucer, main pylon and engineering hull. However, I also realized that I wanted a more angled edge on the saucer, so I went back to my original spline and moved some points to achieve the look I wanted. Then I re-lathed that and re-cut the grid lines (which had to be modified slightly.) Then came the windows. Lots of windows. Those took a while to set up and cut but I got that done today and I think it looks a lot better.

Other parts that might get changed are the warp pylons (I’m only lukewarm about those for this era) and I’m 95% sure that the bridge has to go. I really don’t like it. However, before I do all of that, I have to put windows into the main pylon and engineering hull.


5 thoughts on “Brisbane-class V2.0 pt 12

  1. Nice job, looks like an interesting concept. Only suggestions would be

    1. Consider the Weapons/Sensor Pod to be fused to the Primary Saucer section.
    2. Warp Nacelles to be shortened

    BTW Chris, did u take part in the STO competition for the next Enterprise?

    • Nope, I have no interest in STO or anything to do with it. Plus, I’m not that big a fan of doing stuff in that era.

      I tried the sensor pod on the primary hull when I was designing it, I didn’t like it. I’m considering dropping the pod entirely, though I don’t know if I really want to do that. And I love long nacelles.

    • Thanks Dean. 🙂

      I just hope I can get my mojo back with this one. It’s been a pretty shitty year for me so far 3D-wise. When I was redoing my gallery, I noticed how little content there was for 2011 VS 2010 and 2009.

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