Animating the Heracles: Pt. 3

This one did not turn out the way I’d hoped it would. In fact, I stopped the render 10 frames short of when it would have been done because I don’t like how it turned out. I went a bit overzealous with the indirect lighting, I’ll most likely wind up flipping the lights and planet. Also, I want to modify when the ship intercepts the camera, I don’t like the timing in that. So, there is work to be done, but this is a step forward.

Flyby 01 from Chris Martin on Vimeo.


4 thoughts on “Animating the Heracles: Pt. 3

  1. I like to see that you’re animating now. Keep up the good work. Experiment. You’ve got a huge library of material to play with, so I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  2. Hi Chris

    I’m currently working on a NOVA science series. We saw your USS Enterprise model and wanted to follow up with you as we may wish to work with you on this show.


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