Ready to Depart

I decided to do another docked shot, this time with the Heracles, which has more weathering than the Stargazer, and from the rear.  The funny part is, I was fiddling with this background with the intent to do something entirely different with it, but this is what I wound up doing after the other idea fizzled.


8 thoughts on “Ready to Depart

  1. Looks good, though you don’t need the ship behind the dock, you really can’t see it there.
    I only notice it because the deflector did not look right with the dock.

  2. What? No love for the local traffic? 😉

    Thanks guys. I mulled over adding or not adding the Hipparchus, but in the end I decided to. It doesn’t grab the spotlight or steal the image where it is, so it’s staying. To remove it would be an easy process because it’s rendered on a separate layer from everything else. However, I would then have to redo all of the postprocessing work, including re-adding all of the little lens flares for the dock and shuttle lights, which I really don’t want to do.

  3. It always struck me as an oddity that the Constellation class has one of the most bumpy undersides of a Starfleet vessel ever. All sorts of domes and pointy things 😀

    • Well, that’s what happens when you kitbash a ship using Star Trek and Gundam parts. My guess is that Andrew Probert and Rick Sternbach wanted to do something different when they designed and built the ready room model and we know it had to be done quickly, hence the big kitbash. I just don’t think, when they built it, that they ever thought it would be seen that closely and I don’t think they had any idea that the ship would eventually become a larger filming model.

      That’s why I equate this design to the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. Both have junk just kind of hanging off of them with no apparent rhyme or reason as to the placement.

    • To what kind of pic are you referring? A beauty shot, docked shot, orbital shot? Also, I need to know size and image format you want. I can easily make the registry, that’s not a problem.

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