Trafalgar Insigina & Orthos

Well, here they are hot off the presses, the official insignia and orthos of the USS Trafalgar



5 thoughts on “Trafalgar Insigina & Orthos

  1. Wow, Chris! Awesome work as always! I actually use your ENT Half Saucer pics for my RPG. There is an Easter Egg in the personnel list for you to find 😉

    BTW, you are credited in the Credits section.

    • I’m a warrant officer? YES! The last time I was in uniform, I was just a specialist. I guess I finally got that big promotion. 😉

      Seriously, thanks. I (obviously) took a look at your site, it’s pretty cool.

  2. Your welcome, i see your great great great grandson is going places 😉 And as always, a big thank you for giving us pictures to ogle at all day 😀

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