TOS-Era Light Cruiser Pt 12

She’s finished.  I decided to model the name on there, Trafalgar is way out ahead in the poll and I doubt that will change much by tomorrow.  So, here she is.



6 thoughts on “TOS-Era Light Cruiser Pt 12

  1. The pylons really sell it for me. They don’t look like a rearrangement of previous parts, but they DO look like they fit right into TOS.

    Great work, my friend!

  2. Thanks guys. 😀

    @Eric: That’s why I resisted the urge to kitbash and made everything from scratch for this ship, I wanted it to look more like a ship that was constructed separately, not like an Enterprise kitbash. I even made the windows and docking ports from scratch, which is saying something since I usually just use the same parts from one ship to the other for those.

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