TOS-Era Light Cruiser Pt 3

I’m still not having any luck coming up with a name for this ship.  However, I have made progress in other areas.  I added more grid lines and windows to the engineering hull.  I’m done with windows, I only have a few areas left that need grid lines and then those will be done.  😀  I also added some greeble grooves to the upper rear of the engineering hull, similar to what’s on the Reliant.  I used the Benning schematic for size and placement of those.


2 thoughts on “TOS-Era Light Cruiser Pt 3

  1. Good looking model so far.

    I would like to try to convince you, perhaps of allowing your READERS to name the ship – final name to be decided upon by yourself, of course.

    My recommendation, on this, would be:

    VINLAND (after the discoverfy of Newfoundland by the Viking, Lief Erikksson. THis happened in the early 1,000’s)

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