TOS-era Light Cruiser, Pt 2

Well, she has a number but no name.  (the font is temporary)  I’ll search for an appropriate name here in a bit.  Ignoring the older numbers, which can be explained as possible re-uses of registry numbers (especially the Constellation,) the registry NCC-1028  puts this ship a number of years before the Constitution, NCC-1700 and Enterprise, NCC-1701.  So, it’s decided, it’s from a number of years prior to the Enterprise.  Aside from working on that, I also went a bit window happy.  I get so bored with seeing practically every TOS-era ship schematic showing the same window pattern as the Enterprise.  So, I changed mine.  I might have gone a bit overboard, but so be it.  (and I’m not done yet ;))  I also did some work on the BC-deck area and added the main structures for the bridge.


4 thoughts on “TOS-era Light Cruiser, Pt 2

  1. Nice work Chris! I usually don’t go for pre-TOS Reliant type ships, but this is cool!

    I love the extra windows and details. They remind me of Blish covers again.


      • Yeah, between work, being sick (nothing harsh, just feeling poorly), searching for a new apartment (moving closer to work), and of course, work itself, I’ve been a tad occupied.

        LOL! 😉

        Thanks for asking!

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