Space Seed 2011

Yet another homage to a favorite episode of mine.


9 thoughts on “Space Seed 2011

  1. Thanks guys. Yeah, the first is my favorite, though I also like how the 2nd one turned out. It’s unusual for me to use the same scene setup for multiple images (except WIP images) but that’s what I did, I just added cameras for the second and third ones.

    I currently have the first one set as my desktop in Linux Mint. 🙂

    • There’s nothing about me holding any copyrights on any of my images. That point should be made clear because all things Star Trek are a copyright of CBS/Paramount Pictures.

      However, I do credit myself on my art. I made it, so that’s my right. (plus, you never know where on the web it might wind up)

  2. As artists we have the right to take credit for our work. With the internet it’s just to easy for some one to rip us off and claim our work as theirs. We have to protect ourselves.

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