Where No Man Has Gone Before Part 1

I decided to do a new texture treatment on this ship.  It’s similar to the revamps I’ve done on a few of my other meshes.  And, any time I complete a project, I have to do some renders, even if it’s just a quick retexturing project.  So, I rendered a couple homages to one of my favorite episodes, Where No Man Has Gone Before.  I have three more pictures planned, one from inside the barrier (I’m currently working on the insides of the barrier) and a couple with the planet, my version of Delta Vega (about version 10 or so that I’ve done since I started doing CGI. ;))  Anywho, here are the first couple images, stay tuned for the others as I get them done.

The barrier approach, one of my favorites. I decided to do a 9:16, as oppose to my usual 16:9, to kind of give it a poster feel.

Leaving Delta Vega orbit. This is another of my favorites, I've done it several times over the years. It should technically be last in the Delta Vega series, but I couldn't resist doing it first.

After I get done with WNMHGB, I plan to do some more Space Seed inspired stuff and some stuff from my all-time favorite episode, Mirror, Mirror.  Though, the Mirror, Mirror shots will require some new textures and Terran Empire markings for the ship.


10 thoughts on “Where No Man Has Gone Before Part 1

    • “Extra blue lights?” I can justify most of the lights hitting the ship.

      The first image has 2 ambient lights in the back, they have no place being there. They’re there because somebody would have bitched about it being too dark in places (I used to get that a lot.) Though, some of the blue on the back of the ship also comes from the nacelles. The grill thingies and blue spheres have lights inside of them.

      The 2nd image has a blue and orange nebula as part of the background. Therefore, there are blue and orange lights hitting the ship.

      I used to get a lot of criticism for my images being too dark, even though it’s realistic that, in space, the dark side of an object is black, there’s no ambient light hitting it. However, I’ve learned that Science Fiction art is more about visual appeal than realism, so we lean more towards the “fiction” side of things. Though, I do still try to add as many light sources as possible to my images to explain things.

  1. I’m really digging that first picture. I keep thinking about that kind of aspect ratio but I never go with it.
    That second picture looks really nice also. Excellent work on both pics. 😀

    • Thanks bro. It’s really weird setting up that kind of aspect ratio. I had to keep cocking my head 90 degrees and looking at my 16:9 computer monitor to make sure it was set up the way I wanted it before I rendered it.

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