Daedalus Redux

I originally built this ship using parts from the half saucer, so I figured I’d redo it as well.

The original intent behind building this was to build the Daedalus-class so that it would fit with the style of ships created for the show Enterprise. I also intended to use mostly parts from the half saucer so that it would go quickly but that didn’t work out too well as I wound up building as many parts as I was taking from the other ship. For the redux, I made new RCS thrusters and swapped out the sensor doodads for my improved ones from the half saucer. I also decided to change the nacelles some. Originally, the nacelles were pretty much like the ones from the half saucer, with the blue warp stuff and pipes on both the inside and the outside. However, I decided to have that stuff only on the inside, so I made new bodies for the nacelles and only cut the holes for the blue junk on the inside. I also modified the pipes so that the didn’t run the entire length of the outside. I also added some singage to the nacelles and engineering hull. The signage is based off of Mike Okuda’s graphics for the NX refit designed by Doug Drexler (naturally.) I figured the signage would help tie this ship and the NX refit together, since they would be in service a the same time. And, of course, new textures and lighting.


This is probably the fugliest planet I've ever made (and that's saying something.)



10 thoughts on “Daedalus Redux

  1. Just a observation, but your deflector would take up a huge amount of space in the sphere. Look at the internal graphs of the E-D or Voyager and see how big the internal components are that we do not see.

    • Those are 24th century ships with deflectors integrated into the hull. Look at the MSD on the 1701, which has an external deflector. The internal components aren’t as large. Besides, there’s no better place to put it. If you try to put a deflector at the front of the secondary hull, the bottom of the sphere partly blocks it.

  2. The next Enterprise novel is nearly due for release. I’m still lingering in impossible daydreams of the Romulan War novels being turned into a full movie trilogy, with the production feel of Enterprise’s fourth season. These Daedalus designs just make me pine for it that much more… Nice work.

  3. Was wondering if you had this model in a Lightwave format or if you were able to convert it…? I am working on an ENT-era fanfilm project and would LOOVE to use this model.

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