Half Saucer Redux

I’m still trying to get in the mood to either start a new project or finish one of my open ones but I haven’t had any luck talking myself into it.  I did, however, do a little work on the John Eaves designed “half saucer” from Enterprise.

At first I was considering rebuilding the ship completely but really only a couple parts were bugging me.  Even though the ship was only seen in 3 episodes, I had all of the references I needed when I built it thanks to Rob Bonchune, who rendered the ship on the show and released orthos of the model on the internet years ago.  So, the overall ship is very accurate.  Though, it’s hard to see some of the details on the orthos.  I used screen grabs of the NX for some of the details, some were better than others.  I made a great screen grab from my DVDs of the airlock, for example, but other details were harder to see because of motion blur.  However, thanks to Doug Drexler, I have some really nice closeups of the sensor/communications things and the RCS thrusters.  My sensor/communications things were pretty close, I only had to make a few changes on them, the thrusters had to be completely rebuilt.  Then I gave it a fresh texture job and redid the lighting.  So, here she is more accurate than before.

I plan to do at least one view of the underside, possibly two, that will be uploaded when completed. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Half Saucer Redux

  1. I looked for the model but could not find it. Hopefully you will upload it soon! Thanks again for such an excellent Enterprise ship!

  2. Hey! Haven’t seen you around for a while on the Peppermint forum! Have you moved on to other play grounds? LOL Just noticed that you haven’t been around as of late. Take care!
    I like your work BTW. All nice stuff!

    • Yeah, I haven’t used Peppermint in a while. And, since I wasn’t using it, hanging around the forums felt odd to me. I’ve mostly been using Mint 10 64-bit (Gnome) lately. If Kendall ever goes 64-bit with Peppermint, I’ll definitely come back. I’m mostly shying away from 32-bit these days, though I do still have PCLOS Zen-Mini installed but my main OS is Mint 64. (I’m hoping Texstar comes out with PCLOS 64-bit sometime in the near future, he’s been working on it)

      Though, I did just install one of Kendall’s other releases, Mint 10 LXDE on my other PC, that was just released today. I really like it and I don’t care as much about 64-bit on that older machine.

      Though, I might put Peppermint back on this computer (my main one) in dual-boot mode with Mint. I do kinda miss Peppermint. 🙂

  3. Hey man…I was perusing YouTube and found this…as a fan of your work, I recognized it instantly…disappointed that they didn’t bother to credit you (at least not where I could see).

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