Sun Gods

Yes, I know it’s a stupid title, but I had to name it something. 😉

I retextured the Allura earlier.  The old textures weren’t quite high enough quality for my taste and the paneling didn’t pop enough for my taste, so I redid those.  After that, I didn’t feel like making a background, so I raided the NASA Image of the Day gallery and found this really badass sun and planet image.  As soon as I found it, I knew I had to use it, so I rotated and cropped it a bit to meet my needs and rendered the image.  I found some other goodies for later pics also. 😀


12 thoughts on “Sun Gods

    • I was thinking that maybe the people on the planet (y’know, the gas giant in the background ;)) looked through a telescope and saw the starship in orbit around their sun and thought it must be gods. I know they’ve done a few episodes where Starfleet personnel have been mistaken for entities by less developed people.

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