Prepping for Launch (again)

I had a break in the other project I’m working on (people who have read my previous posts can probably guess which one) so I decided to take another look at this image.  Aside from doing it just for fun, I had some things to test, most importantly being rendering at 5184 x 2592 (6ft by 3ft) at 72 DPI, which I’ll need for the other project.  Also, there have been some changes to the Stargazer, dock and shuttlebay, so I wanted to do a render with those that I can show off.  The “big” image is 1/2 the original size and I also included a 1600 x 900 version for people with 16:9 screens.


I’m glad I rendered this image.  Aside from making sure trueSpace could render an image at art print size and quality, I also was able to take a look at the ship and dock at that size, most importantly the textures.  I had to redo the dock textures (again) because they were a little FUBAR at the higher resolution.  (It’s good to find this stuff out now, not when I need it. ;))

6 thoughts on “Prepping for Launch (again)

  1. Holy cr*p! You’ve reached a level of detail I’ve rarely seen!

    The only think I can think of as a tweak would be the stars in the background. The Gaussian noise makes them a little too regular (to my eyes). One thing I like to do is to render a second “cloud” layer and then use it to darken or multiply over the stars. This tends to make some sections where there are no stars and it feels a bit more organic. The area of dark area coverage can be changed by increasing or decreasing the contrast of the cloud layer and of course, by the percentage of darken or multiply.

    In any case, great work!

    • Thanks Eric. Yeah, the stars were just done using the Glitterato plugin in Gimp. I really need to find some better way to do those, short of going around and painting them by hand. Though, in their defense, they do look better in the original resolution. I’ve noticed that the stars generated by that plugin don’t scale that well.

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