Heracles Breaking Orbit

I started to convert this mesh to .obj format for importing it into Blender.  I decided to break it down into components and then import them one at a time.  I was on the 5th component and had already suffered numerous program crashes during the attempts to export when I realized it would take me all day.  So, instead, I decided to retexture the Heracles.

I changed the paneling pattern, changed the colors a bit and added a lot of weathering.  I also did new material settings to get rid of the reflections, so that it will render faster.  The goal is to do some animation with this mesh and the new textures and material settings are part of that plan.

Anywho, this is where the Heracles stands now:


12 thoughts on “Heracles Breaking Orbit

    • Thanks dude. Still trueSpace. I was getting fed up with tS crashing while I was using the .obj export plug-in. It would crash, I’d try the same part again and it would work fine, there was no logic to it.

    • I wish Blender still had a .cob import plug in, that would make my life so much easier. It’s kind of hard for me to want to change to another program when the meshes that I built in tS and still want to use are such a pain in the ass to convert.

  1. Looks awesome, man! Hey, check out my page– there’s a sweet STO contest going on that I’m sure you’d be interested in. The terms are kinda vague, but it’s pretty exciting.

  2. Chirs, if an eailer version of Blender had the .cob plug in, you can still DL that. Then just transfer the files over, Save it as a .Blend then you will be able to open the file in any version of Blender.

    • That’s not working so well. Supposedly, the script is included in Blender 2.42A. However, I don’t see anything about importing .cob meshes in Blender 2.42A or 2.43. And you can’t download the script anymore because the link is gone. I also tried some earlier versions of Blender, which is extra fun when you’re running Linux because, if you go really far back, you have to manually hunt down certain files to get it to run correctly. (AKA, I’m not having any fun)

      Also, I don’t see where you can get older versions of Python, which are required to make those older versions of Blender work correctly. They don’t recognize Python 2.6 as being Python because it’s too new.

      • Apparently, you have to have Blender 2.42A for Windows if you want to import trueSpace meshes. I guess they just assume if you’re using tS meshes that you want to only use them in Blender. That’s fucked up, IMO.

        Now I just need to figure out how to get Python 2.4.

  3. Awesome work I really like the Constellation Class. I was wondering if you do commisioned work? I would like to get one with a custom name & hull number to it

  4. truespace should be able to export to 3DS, unless I am wrong?

    Blender can import 3ds almost like a native format, excellent support.

    a suggestion

    • Exporting a mesh to .3DS using the built-in .3DS exporter in trueSpace makes a huge mess of things. tS uses quads and ngons in its modeling (the ngons give the .obj exporter a hard time also.) Exporting anything to .3DS from tS makes the quads and ngons all become triangles. The result is a completely FUBAR mess. I actually tried doing just what you suggested a year or so ago and the results weren’t pretty.

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