Enterprise Leaving Earth

This marks the first time in a long time that I’ve used someone else’s mesh.  I think the last one was scifieric’s great TOS Enterprise.  However, I’m determined to learn Blender, so I decided to DL some Trek meshes and try some pretty basic images.  Dennis Bailey’s 1701-refit was a great one to start with.  I mean, this mesh is freakin’ fantastic and Eric Clark did a great job converting it to Blender and rigging up some TMP-style lights.  It renders pretty quickly, though more so in Blender 2.54 Beta than in 2.49.2, so 2.54 Beta is what I used.  Anywho, this was a basic image to see if I could do a decent composition in Blender.  I still have much to learn, but I think it turned out pretty well.  I’ll probably make a planet for my next one, instead of dropping in a NASA image.


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