5 thoughts on “Heracles in Drydock, Pt.2

  1. Thanks a lot guys. 😀

    @Eric, she took about 2 or 3 hours to render. (it felt longer) You know how trueSpace is, you don’t get a summary or anything after you render. Of course, then there was a fair bit of post work to be done. So, we’ll just call it 3 to 4 hours, probably closer to 4.

    As for texturing, I don’t do it entirely in Gimp. It’s an odd combo that starts with Windows Paint (though any basic or not-so-basic drawing program would do, like GPaint, KolourPaint or even Inkscape.) Then there’s actually some Gimp, then some trueSpace (sometimes) and finally some more Gimp with blending and noise filters for weathering. It’s a long and involved process. 😉

    Now, the dock textures are all Gimp. I probably used various fills and transparency filters for the bump and color maps and, of course, noise for weathering.

  2. That is one fantastic render! Space dock scenes are always pretty cool. I think you nailed the composition and the shadow work really sells it. Nice use of the NASA photo as well.

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