Space Seed 2010

This is a little something I threw together earlier. I had to dig my redesigned DY-100 out of mothballs. The ol’ girl doesn’t render too bad, considering that I built it 2 years ago (I have since tweaked the textures, though.) I’m thinking of doing another one from a different angle.

Yes, it’s very dark.  I haven’t done a dark image for a while, it wast time.  If I do the other view (which I’m 95% positive that I will) it won’t be quite so dark.


6 thoughts on “Space Seed 2010

    • I forget about it most of the time also. Though, I do incorporate it into most of my station and multi-ship images, it’s just usually far in the distance and really tiny in the pic. 😉

      Thanks bro. 😀

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