Brisbane-class V2.0 Pt 8

I decided I didn’t quite like the big pylon, specifically how it looked in the back, so I redid it (again.)  I like this a lot better and will be keeping it.  I also started on the sensor doodad.

I removed the port nacelle for this side view to better show the main pylon.

Also, I’m sure some people have noticed, I changed the blog’s theme (again.)  I liked that last theme but it didn’t have some features that I like, like the ability to add a header image.  However, this new one not only has that but also allows you to add a custom background image.  It has some other nice features also, so I’ll most likely keep this one.


13 thoughts on “Brisbane-class V2.0 Pt 8

  1. The new sensor platform looks much better.

    Heh, if it weren’t for the already-present “mounting points” on the aft rim of the saucer, I’d have thought the large grill on the sensor pylon was the impulse engine(s).

    “The thing’s gotta have a tailpipe…”

  2. Btw, I’ve alway’s been a big fan of those random grilles that seem to find their way onto starfleet ships, so keep ’em comin’. Maybe that recessed section of the forward pylon?

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