Brisbane-class V2.0 Pt7

This should give you guys an idea the direction I’m going with this ship.  I decided to add a big pod to the top (sensors, weapons, whatever) which is why I lowered the nacelles.  I felt the ship would be too imbalanced with both the pod and the nacelles over the saucer.  I thought about flipping the nacelle pylons and having the nacelles hand down to about the level of the engineering hull but I don’t think it will look good on this ship.  So, this is what I’ve done.  The flattened out sphere is temporary, I’ll start on the real pod later.


13 thoughts on “Brisbane-class V2.0 Pt7

  1. A precursor to the Nebula-class? The descendant of modern day AWACS?

    Being as there’s no air and all, it’d have to be called something like SWACS. If you add phaser points and a torpedo launcher, USS Sutherland-style, it could become STADS, Starfleet Threat Assessment and Defense System?

    I wonder how the conversation went with designing the Nebula-class… “It’s an E-3 Sentry with warp nacelles!”

    • Yeah, the Nebula-class is one of my favorite Trek ships. However, the inspiration for adding the pod to this ship actually came from a fan series. I was watching Star Trek: Helena Chronicles and the Helena has a pod, so I decided the Brisbane needed one (I’m tired of just doing saucer, engineering hull and nacelles.) So, I did one based off of the Nebula-class. (the one on the Helena is kinda smallish)

    • It does. Whether or not it “should,” who is to say? I’ll probably do a bit of redesigning on the pylon but I don’t see any issues with it joining the main pylon (or “neck,” if you prefer.) It’s not like this ship is capable of saucer separation.

  2. I like it but I think for the pods should stay away form the disk and do something simular to the Nebula Triangle (weapons?) Pod, As I always perfered that version.

  3. Hi! I frequent your site but have never commented before. I love this new direction your taking your Brisbane class, I think it would make a great direct precursor to the Nebula class. Regarding the pod, I would like to make a suggestion in styling it after the Brisbane’s saucer; a disk with a one deck high rim and a convex top, and the slight gap between rim and the slope (sorry if I’m vague), and perhaps placing the ship’s torpedo launchers there (one fore and one aft, give early-mid 24th century trends?) which would free up space in the usual mounting locations (the “neck” doesn’t seem well suited to such an arrangement, also the deuterium tank might get in the way) and in uprated version would allow for increased torpedo payloads or additional launchers if so desired.
    Anyway, whatever you come up with I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing the finished model. Great work!

    • Thanks for commenting. 😀

      I like your suggestion for the pod, though I had already built the main body of the pod when I read it. However, I’ll keep that suggestion in mind as a possible alternate pod. I might do two or three for this ship, I haven’t decided yet. I’d like to have a couple of variants, like they have for the Nebula-class.

  4. A hangar/control tower pod would be kinda cool, or maybe a tertiary hull for multi-vector combat. I know it’s primarily a science vessel, but this really could be a versatile ship– I like the Nebula because it’s different, but the connie-style layout has always appealed to me more, so this design is a refreshing blend.

    • I don’t want to put anything too large up there, it would kill the balance of the ship. And it’s not really a science ship anymore, it’s more of a multi-role ship, that’s why I added the pod. However, I am keeping all suggestions in mind for possible variations of the ship (whether or not they’ll happen could be a different story. ;))

      Thanks for your kind words about the design. I was actually surprised the pod has been so well accepted. There’s really no way to gauge how that’s going to go when you design something.

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