Brisbane-class V 2.0 Pt 6 (Updated)

I got back to work on the Brisbane-class yesterday.  I started by re-building the nacelles.  They were too 1701-C-ish, so I mixed a bit of 1701-B influence into them.  Then today I started on the warp pylons.  I lowered the pylons and the nacelles quite a bit, the reason for doing so will be made clear shortly.  (I will say that it involves some modifications to the main pylon.)  And I also started on the impulse doodad.

Update: 26 August 2010, 12:47 PM EDT

As requested, I added a front view to show how the nacelles line up.  And, to give an unobstructed view, I also added a rear view.


5 thoughts on “Brisbane-class V 2.0 Pt 6 (Updated)

  1. I really love the refit! One request: can we see a head-on shot? I’d like to see how the nacelles align with the primary/secondary hull.

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