U.S.S. Tripoli in Earth Orbit

I was digging around in my trueSpace folder again and I found yet another mesh that I’d all but forgotten about (I really need to do this more often.)  This is another one I built a couple years ago, it’s the Paris-class light cruiser designed by Masao Okazaki of The Starfleet Museum.  I’ve always liked this design, it’s a mean looking little ship.  So, I decided to build it back in 2008.  Of course, I took some artistic license with it and added some bits like more grid lines and did slightly different things with the nacelles and big phaser cannons but it’s still Masao’s design.

To resurrect this particular model, a bit of work needed to be done.  I built it right after I installed trueSpace 7 for the first time and I wasn’t used to the newest version of tS, so I made some mistakes with the material settings.   So, before I rendered this, I re-applied all the texture maps with new settings.  It looks a lot better, IMO.  I also did some work on the glowy bits that’s more up to date with my newest meshes, I redid the bussards, sensor domes and running lights more like what I did on my most recent Enterprise meshes.  I also tweaked the lights themselves so that the would cast light more realistically onto the hull.  The result is as follows:

I really like this design and some of the other ones that Masao has on his site.  Perhaps, after I finish my current builds, I’ll go back and do a couple more of his designs.  A couple of my favorites are the Predator & Avenger designs and some of his Klingon cruisers are really cool, especially the D6.  I think I like that one best because it’s never been done on canon Trek.  (neither has the D4 but I prefer John Eaves’ D4 design)


7 thoughts on “U.S.S. Tripoli in Earth Orbit

    • Yeah, I’ve been thinking of modeling the Avenger for a couple years. It’s a really sweet ship. And there’s no point in modeling the Avenger without also modeling the Predator. They share many common parts.

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