More Tripoli

I rendered a couple more shots of the Tripoli.  This ship renders really quickly, I’m tempted to rig it up and do some animation with it.  It’s a very photogenic model.  However, it does have a bad side.  A front lower 3/4 shot of the ship is just fugly, IMO.  With the secondary hull and nacelles being on top, basically all you can get in frame is the lower and front saucer and the phaser cannons.  While I like those details, it doesn’t make for a pretty picture.  The first image was going to be a front lower 3/4 but I didn’t like how it looked, so I switched to a rear lower 3/4.


14 thoughts on “More Tripoli

  1. I am a big fan of this design and I did not know you had done this one. Good job on it, it is one of those Masao ships that has room for tweaks. Very nice renders!

    • Yeah, I did it. I’m not surprised you didn’t know, I built it about exactly 2 years ago and it’s basically been sitting on flash drives and hard drives since then. I never use the thing. That’s why I got it out and dusted it off.

      A lot of Masao’s designs can be tweaked, or at least have a bit more detail added. I noticed even on a lot of your older models that he still has pictures of on the sites, you added extra little personalized bits here and there.

  2. Hi!

    I’m an amateur Trek mesher too. Back about a year ago, I converted this model of yours to 3DS Max for my own fun.
    I know it sounds silly, but could you please help me with backgrounds: Could you tell me where you found your backgrounds? The second one is breathtaking.



  3. evil_genius_180,

    Hello! My name is Craig “Buckaroohawk” Frey. I’m a big fan of your CGI models and I’ve used your model of the TOS Enterprise for a number of my own CGI renders. I don’t mean to hijack the comments on this thread, but this is the only way I could find to get in touch with you. I have a VERY IMPORTANT question to ask you, so if you could shoot me an e-mail at your earliest convenience I would really appreciate it.

    If you’re wary about getting in touch with me, I’m sure Dave Matlesits will vouch for my veracity. We know each other and he’s used several of the CGI models I’ve uploaded at in his own renders. Please get in touch with me as soon as you can. I think you’re going to like hearing what I have to tell you. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon!

    Craig “Buckaroohawk” Frey

    • By the way, that little icon your site generated next to my comment doesn’t look anything like me. My brain isn’t exposed and I’m not green. I’m actually sort of a calm, pastel purple color. 😉

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