The Beast is Back

I was messing around earlier (procrastinating, mostly) and I was looking through my trueSpace folder and I found a mesh that I had forgotten about.  It seems like ages ago that I built it, but it was really only a couple years ago.  (when you’ve built a few dozen models, they kind of blur together after a while)  It’s one of my überprise models that I made.  Basically, the idea was to try and redesign the TOS Enterprise (blasphemy, I know) and try to “modernize” the design.  What I wound up with was a nearly 400 meter ship with 32 decks, two shuttlebays, loads of phasers, front and rear photon torpedoes, saucer separation capability, two impulse drives, automatic locks, power windows (though it’s best to not use those in space,) cup holders out the yin-yang, I mean this beastie fully loaded.

Anywho, I found the model and went “oh yeah, that one.”  😉  So, I decided to render some images.

7 thoughts on “The Beast is Back

  1. Hey, for the most part, people on YouTube LOVE the little planet orbit animation I put up using your ship. That’s had more views than anything else I ever put up.

    She’s a beauty!

    • That was version 1. (the one that I loathe) This is version 2, where I made some big improvements (at least I think I did.) If nothing else, it’s got at least 20 more cup holders than version 1 had. 😉

  2. can you give us an ortho sheet for it?

    I think it looks great!

    I actually like this engineering section better than the original enterprise.

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