More of The Beast

Here are a couple more images with this ship before I go back to my works in progress.  I was in an artsy mood, so I had to do a dramatic one with a star and some volumetric effects.

And, of course, I had to do one of these.


8 thoughts on “More of The Beast

    • Thanks.

      However, I should point out that the volumetric effect wasn’t done in trueSpace. I did that in Gimp, the open source program that’s similar to Photoshop. I could have done volumetric effects in tS, I don’t know if it would have looked that good. It might have but it takes too long to render. Doing it the way I did it is quicker.

    • Thanks dude. Yeah, I found some other stuff that was more like “Blah, I forgot all about that one, but it’s staying right where it is.” 😉 I really need to go through and clean out some of the crap but I keep thinking I’m going to find some kind of use for at least one or two of the crappy ones. (you never know)

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