7 thoughts on “Pre-TOS Era Frigate Pt. 7

    • After. It’s from sometime between Enterprise and Star Trek. My thought is that it’s a “paranoid” ship that was built after the war with the Romulans, when the newly formed Federation was worried about another Romulan attack. Thus, it’s a heavily armed and armored frigate to patrol the borders of the Neutral Zone. 🙂

  1. Looking good Chris, PreTOS, I would have said from the look that it was post TMP pre TNG. more of a protoype for the Interpid class. That is if you remove the nescells and the defelctor dish.

    • Yeah, but let’s be honest. How different from TMP/TNG technology does the NX-01 really look? I mean, Doug Drexler did what they would allow him to do with the design, but it’s still basically the Akira-class.

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