Pre-TOS Era Frigate Pt. 6

I got the shuttlebay doors on.  I also started a bit on the bay.  Unfortunately, due to the small size of the area, it won’t be as grand as I would like.  There won’t be much of an upper deck besides the control room because of the slope of the hull.   That slope also prevents me from having any exits off of the side.  As a result, I had to nix the windows on the rear of the main hull because they were supposed to be part of the bay.   So, it’s basically going to be a boring bay but it will be functional.  This is all I’m going to do with it for now.  Once I have the exterior of the ship finished, I’ll come back to the bay.  I also have to build a couple of shuttles for this ship, the ones I have are too advanced.


3 thoughts on “Pre-TOS Era Frigate Pt. 6

  1. I like it, and keep in mind that it would be one of the first shuttlebays of this type, so the design would tend to be a little simpler– this is actually a pretty good convergence of the nx-01 style with the 1701. Good job! Anxious to see what the shuttles will look like.

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