Pre-TOS Era Frigate Pt. 4

More stuff.  I started on the navigational deflector.  I was considering putting it on the top part of the ship but decided it would work better on the saucer bottom.  I decided to have it set into the hull because I don’t like it when deflectors look like they were just stuck onto a structure with little thought involved in the attachment.  I also added some windows and docking ports.  The docking ports are a slightly simplified version of the ones on the NX-01 from Enterprise.  Aside from simplifying them, I also changed the size of the door.  The doors on the docking ports on the Enterprise and Intrepid from Enterprise are way too small, IMO.  I don’t know if it was a fault of the designer or the modeler but the hatch wound up being just barely over a meter tall.  Mine is closer to 2 meters.


7 thoughts on “Pre-TOS Era Frigate Pt. 4

  1. Great line scribing there! Those nacelles are excellent as well – I have a few sitting in one of my hard drive folders that are like it. I’ve seen a few ‘Atolm’ designs that use a similar style.

    Overall, nice direction and look forward to your progress.

    • I don’t even know how to do that. Also, I really don’t have that many PC games that can be modded. The ones I do are so old that the type of models I do would crash the game because of the polygon count.

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