Blender Sabers pt3

OK, I’m finished with this thing.  I’ll probably move onto something more complex next, possibly some kind of space vehicle.  In the meantime, here are a couple of full-sized (my normal full-size, that is) renders of the ‘saber.  I added a cheesy base with some stupid writing (my first text in Blender) and a simple “wood” texture that I made in Gimp.


7 thoughts on “Blender Sabers pt3

    • Thanks. Yes, I changed the font. That’s a Star Wars font that I downloaded off of the internet years ago. I also figured out how to convert the text into a mesh, which is quite a bit different than trueSpace, where text is automatically a mesh.

  1. Nice job! I have opened, closed, opened – deleted, reinstalled and…. Blender for years. I have had about as much luck with learning it as I have a new language! For your first go around this is really, really nice work.

    I can’t wait to see you take this up a level!

    • Thanks. Yeah, I did the same thing for years with Blender. But scifieric was changing to Blender, he’s a longtime tS user also, and I’ve been so fed-up with tS for a while, so I decided if he could change, I could also. 😉 It helps that he pointed me towards some tutorials that are very basic beginner stuff. (if you’re interested, they’re on Four Mad Men’s site, which is in my links section) Those really helped a lot. I also have the book Blender for Dummies in .pdf format but, like so many instruction manuals, instead of telling you how to do something, it jumps around to alternate ways of doing things and is really badly laid out. Also, it contains no tutorials. I’m using it more as a reference when I want to look something up than as a manual.

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