Blender Sabers pt1

Well, technically, it’s part 2 but since part 1 had a different title, it’s still part 1.  So, we’ll pretend that it’s part 1 but we’ll know in our hearts that it’s really part 2.  😉

Instead of modeling today, I focused on materials and textures.  It took a while but I learned how to apply a texture to the meshes.  I also found out how to bump map.  It’s amazing how many options there are in the material settings compared to even the newest version of trueSpace.  I can do so many things I never could before (like the slightly distorted reflection in the “floor.”)

Next I plan to finish up the controls and pommel details and add a few other little knickknacks.  Those things should be great practice at box modeling in Blender.


8 thoughts on “Blender Sabers pt1

    • Thanks. And, yeah, it’s a great move. I tried Blender about 5 years ago but that was totally different than today’s Blender (especially Blender 2.53.) I like the new Blender versions a hell of a lot better.

  1. Nice work Chris.

    Your moving fast, it took me about six months to figuer out how to do the textuers. But then I came as a compalate NOOB to the 3d world. LOL

    • It took me a long time to figure out textures in trueSpace. But, fortunately, I have done lots of textures now, so it was pretty easy to get the hang of them in Blender. It’s a lot simpler to texture something in Blender than it is in tS. And I love all the freakin’ material settings. There are so many things I’ve wanted to do that I can do with Blender. 😀

  2. I recently downloaded Blender so I could get started with this 3D modeling thing. I am definitely a NOOB…

    Hopefully the learning curve isn’t too steep.

    • You picked good software to start with. Blender is a very powerful and fully-featured program. Some free modeling programs are just that, modeling programs. Then you have to have separate programs for rendering, animation, etc. Blender is an all-in-one. 🙂

  3. Have you ever tried Sculptris? Blender has many of the same features, but if you want to quickly model something organic using a clay sort of medium, it’s the way to go. It exports .obj files as well, which is a big plus. Great for character design, or even irregular shapes like nebulae or space monsters.

    Also, as far as texturing, I haven’t done too much with this program, but it looks promising:

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