Brisbane-class V2.0 pt5

I started on the nacelles. They’re pretty basic right now but you get the idea where I’m going with them.  They’re based very heavily off of the 1701-C nacelles because that’s the only canon Starfleet design that exists that was designed and built in the early 24th century. Once I get to detailing them, they should look less like 1701-C nacelles.


5 thoughts on “Brisbane-class V2.0 pt5

    • I like them so far. But then I also spent a few hours working on them (mostly mesh error cleanup.) However, if they don’t wind up working, they can be rebuilt. I will, however, be using these nacelles for something. I spent too much time working on them to scrap them.

  1. They look pretty good to me. I like the interim look they give to the ship knowing the Ambassador class would come next. The modeling work on those nacelles is great.

  2. Great job! I like the mixup of different design elements: the Constitution-style shuttlebay, the TOS-era nacelle placement of 2320’s nacelles… This would have actually been a much better design for the Ent C herself. As far as hull coloring, were you thinking a solid battleship grey, as with the Ent C, or sections of teal or blue, as with the Ent B? Also, have you considered going with a blue ramscoop, which would tie the design in more closely with the Ent B? I’m also very curious to see what you do with the deflector dish and impulse engines. All in all a very compelling design.

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