Brisbane-class V2.0 pt3

I added the main pylon (or “neck,” if you prefer.)  It’s not very complex, which it shouldn’t be, it’s just a fancy connector.  I might add a few more details, but this is about all I’m doing with this part. I’m also re-classing this ship.  She’s still the Brisbane-class.  However, instead of limiting it to being a science vessel, it’s now a multi-role starship.  (similar role to the Miranda and Nebula classes)  It’s still going to have the large sensor arrays and whatnot, as those would be useful for a number of missions.  They also would probably be mission-variable, though I only plan to do 1 version.


2 thoughts on “Brisbane-class V2.0 pt3

  1. I guess it was a bit too big to be just a science ship. Given the size, it more suited for it new role.

    Love what you done with the neck, sorted of reminds me of the Ent-C Neck.

    • Thanks dude.

      Yeah, I’m taking some cues from the Ambassador-class. In fact, I’m leaning toward making this version less 23rd century style and more early 24th century. I’m even leaning towards a more Ambassador-style nacelle, but I haven’t committed to anything in that area yet.

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