More Enterprising

Here are a couple more shots of this ship.  Since I rendered the last one, I’ve re-applied most of the textures using the same settings that I used for my Constellation-class v2 mesh.  Others (like the domes and nav deflector) are done similarly but slightly differently to create different effects.  I would have left the domes and deflector alone but they used environment maps instead of ray-traced reflection.  And, since the hull now has ray-traced reflections, the domes and whatnot had to have them also because tS7 has some kind of weird issue when you use a combination of environment and ray-traced reflections.  One or the other works just fine but when you turn on the ray-traced reflections with an environment mapped reflection in place, you get weird rendering artifacts every time.  It’s a huge pain in the ass.  So, I just went all ray-traced.  Technically, it’s more realistic this way anyway.

Next I have to tweak the lights.  There are some weird things happening with those.  Parts are due to the new material settings, others are just fugly things that happened when I rigged the lights that I never bothered fixing.


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