Here’s a new desktop.  I made the background (minus the flares) yesterday in Gimp but it took me a while to figure out how I wanted to pose the ship so that the light from at least one of the stars hit it at the right angle to light it up.  Unfortunately, this meant that the light from the other star hitting the ship had to barely be noticeable, so I picked the bright white one.  (you can see some of the purple hitting the port edges of the ship but not much)

And I definitely need a new computer case.  I got a CPU temp warning while I was rendering this. I added an 80mm fan to the rear fan port last week and that stopped me from getting warnings about the MB temp that I was getting while playing games with my graphics card being used heavily.  However, the CPU is still heating up a lot.  And, since I used the case from my Acer PC when I built this thing, it has the standard style of case you get with a pre-built desktop and they suck.  They usually only have 2 fan ports, the one in front which has a big piece of plastic in front of it and 5 little holes in the bottom to draw in air (which suck) and, of course, the fan port in the back just above the expansion slots.  However, that’s not good for airflow.  So, I want to get an Antec case with a filtered mesh front and 2x120mm fan ports in the front and a pre-installed 120 in the back and 140 in the top.  After I add a 120 to the front (which I already have) I should be getting good airflow.  🙂

Anywho, I’m probably going to render a few more desktops, how many depends on if I actually decide what I want to build.  I’m having a tough time finding something that screams “build me.”  😉


4 thoughts on “Binary

    • Thanks bro. No, I didn’t use the spray can (and, yes, Gimp has one.) I made the planet using the Photoshop plug-in LunarCell. It does the whole planet, ground, water, clouds, atmosphere and city lights. The only thing special I had to do was I added a 2nd layer to “lighten” up the dark side, which was completely black except for the city lights and I also had to add another layer for the second light source because LunarCell only lets you have 1 “sun” per planet. And I also added a bit of specular bloom to make the light areas pop a little more.

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