Heracles Orthos

As promised, here are some orthos for this ship.  I hate these things.  They’re completely boring to me, boring to set up, boring to render and boring to look at.  The only useful purpose that orthos serve for me are as references when I’m building something.  They don’t make exciting art prints in my book.  However, I know there are people who like these things, so here they are.

4 thoughts on “Heracles Orthos

  1. Yeah, but they help the rest of us as a reference too! Your images are clearer than any reference of the real article I’ve ever seen, that’s for certain.

    I am curious to know how you built the BC deck.

    Great work!

  2. Thanks! They may be boring to you, but to us who were trained as engineers in the days before computers (AutoCad didn’t exist when I was taking my mechanical drawing class) they are hugely enjoyable and helpful.

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