Finished the Constellation-class

She’s all textured and lit.  Fortunately, the textures on this ship are really simple.  It’s a very simple design when you think about it, basically just an oversized saucer and some nacelles.  So, the only custom map I had to do was for the huge saucer.  Everything else is basically some simple color and dirt textures, the nacelles have a straight sheet of aztec applied to make them pop a bit more, even though the model for the TV show didn’t have much aztec, basically just on the saucer.  I went with a less weathered finish this time, I want this to not necessarily look like a new ship, but at least not look like one that’s 80 years old.  I’m wanting this to look like a ship from the early 24th century, back when this class was in heavy use, as opposed to the TNG-era, when it was being phased out.  And I rigged up some standard TMP-era-style lights.


5 thoughts on “Finished the Constellation-class

    • Thanks dude. It took adding 3 reflectance layers to get the specular mapping and ray-traced reflections to play nice together (I had to add them on separate layers.) I wanted them subtle but noticeable.

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