Constellation-class Starcruiser Version 2.0 pt. 13

This should about do it as far as modeling is concerned.  I don’t think I missed any details.  (If I did, I can always get them on the next version. ;))  In fact, I even added a few things that just made sense to me, some canon ST stuff that was probably left off of the 4-foot filming model because of time factors.  (like docking ports)  The only other modeled bit I might add is an observation lounge, but that will be on down the road.  Next it’s time for textures.  🙂

Oh yeah, the final polygon count is 201,376.  (For those who worry about such things.  If you’re not into 3D art, this is probably a useless fact to you as you have no clue as to what I’m referring.)


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